The following is a list of some of the most important aspects of properly maintaining commercial refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration units are a valuable asset to your business, these units cost thousands of dollars and keeping them in working order is a necessity to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs. In order to keep commercial refrigeration running as it should, it’s important to implement regular maintenance. Many business owners can perform some of these tasks themselves, while others are more complicated and require the help of a trained refrigeration mechanic.

Refrigeration units require maintenance at least every three months, equipment should be visually inspected for things like oil residue, loose wires, puddles of water, the presence of ice and fan motors that are not spinning. If these kinds of issues exist a qualified refrigeration technician should be contacted to schedule a repair as these small problems can lead to larger more expensive repairs if left unchecked. In order for equipment to work properly it should be installed by a professional with forward thought given to how the unit will be used and whether or not critical components are being compromised by incorrect installation practices.

Maintenance of refrigeration equipment should be done by a trained professional. The condenser should be cleaned and blades inspected for wear. The refrigeration unit should be checked for proper cycle times and amp draw. The evaporator coil should be inspected and cleaned along with any fan shrouds or air curtains that could be obstructing air flow to the product. While the technician is performing this maintenance they will inspect all components for potential issues that could become major problems in the future and inform the customer of these issues. Health departments are stricter than ever before about proper gasket maintenance on refrigeration equipment, technicians will inspect the gaskets on each piece of refrigeration equipment and make sure they are in good condition and attached to the unit properly saving the customer money in energy bills.

While maintenance can seem expensive and unnecessary, it is actually a very minimal cost that adds to the reliability of refrigeration equipment. Units that are no properly maintained have significantly shorter life spans, consume a large percentage more electricity and have an increased service rate for failed components over the life of the equipment. Take it from a professional, maintenance saves you time, money and keeps you and your customers happy with clean reliable equipment that lasts.
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