Regular Maintenance will allow your walk-in cooler or freezer to protect your product and cost you less money over time. Commercial refrigeration units are just like any appliance, repairs are sometimes needed. If you catch problems early on, you can decrease the chance of having to make costly emergency repairs. Watch out for the warning signs below and make an appointment with our service center if you notice your walk-in seems to be malfunctioning.

Here are a few signs that you can look for that indicate it is time to schedule a service call:

Frost build-up could mean temperatures are changing in the walk in causing items to melt then refreeze. Frost can also mean that humidity levels are too high and there is excess condensation in your walk-in cooler. Frost build up near your door may indicate that is it not sealing properly and warm air is able to leak in.

Walk ins maintain a nearly constant temperature. Temperature fluctuations are not good for your product. Make sure that walk-in doors aren’t being propped open for long periods of time, allowing warm air to enter the unit and cause it to work harder in order to regulate temperatures. Fluctuating temperatures can also be a sign of trouble that will eventually cause a major breakdown.

Odd noises in your walk-in often mean that your cooler is experiencing mechanical problems and needs repair. A service technician will be able to figure out where the noise is coming from and what the next step is to keep your walk-in functioning properly.

Faulty, old insulation and damaged seals can both contribute to water leak problems. Water leaks can lead to mold or mildew growth and require prompt action and repair.

While repairs are never fun to deal with, catching them before they progress or damage your product can save you money. Alert employees of the different repair warning signs above so you can deal with any problems or malfunctioning walk-in components early on and keep small less expensive problems from becoming major breakdowns.

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