Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair
When the temperature drops you need a reliable heating system to keep you warm and comfortable. Like all machines time takes its toll on your furnace and inevitably it will need repairs. How do you know that it needs fixing? Here are some common signs.

Unusual Sounds and/or Odors.

Do not ignore abnormal smells coming from your heating system – especially a rotten egg odor or a smoke or burning scent. Smelling of rotten egg can indicate a natural gas leak which can be dangerous and burning smells can mean overheating of your furnace or debris on the heat exchanger that could cause fire.

If you hear something clunking, squeaking or banging noises coming from your furnace room don’t wait to get it fixed, it could mean that there is something loose or broken inside of the unit and the longer you wait the more damage can be done. Screeching noises can indicate bad bearings or belt wear. Even if the sound or smell doesn’t happen all the time, it should be looked at immediately. Prolonging a repair can cause even more damage to the unit and increase repair costs.

Large swings in Temperature

If you notice your business doesn’t seem to be as comfortable as it used to be there may be a problem with your heating system. Things like plugged filters, bad combustion blowers, and plugged A Coils can all cause a furnace to work intermittently causing temperature swings in your home. Don’t ignore the problem, call somebody right away if you notice your home isn’t heating the way it should, the earlier you get the unit repaired the less the repair cost will be.

The sooner you catch furnace problems, the better it is for your home or office comfort. Not ignoring problems helps prolong the life of the system. Your comfort is our priority. So, contact us today to get your preventative maintenance or repair appointment scheduled.
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